WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Update

The latest WordPress website update was released yesterday, and includes an overhaul of the editor, named Gutenberg. [UPDATE 3/20/2019] Patches have been applied to the Gutenberg update. If you need to update your version of WordPress, it’s HIGHLY recommended to hire a professional. We are finding multiple glitches and... read more

SEO: Organic Keywords

Organic Keywords: High-quality organic Search Engine Optimization should be an integral part in your online marketing.

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2017 Graphic Design USA: Website Design Award Recipients

Winning this prestigious award again in 2017, we are honored to land in top 15% of all design submissions for the 2017 Graphic Design USA Web Design Awards. Seaside Sisters:  These Florida siblings started Seaside Sisters, a personal styling company in 2013. Kerry Caruso and Colleen Schramm are using their... read more

Digital Advertising Meetup at WPBF25

We had a productive meeting today in West Palm Beach at ABC News Channel 25. Agencies from around the area were invited to this digital marketing event. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing encompasses any type of digital media, such as your website, social media marketing, search engine optimization... read more

Happy New Year from TOVO

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on business successes, future goals (ideally with a plan in mind), and lessons learned. What goals did your company set? Sales? Social Media? Training? Did you meet those goals this year? If not, spend time looking at time and... read more