Aircraft Interiors Renovation- Website Design and Development

We’re excited to announce a recent website launch for Aero Trim, LLC of South Florida. Aero Trim restores aircraft interiors from the headliner to the flooring. They offer their clients a large selections of materials to create a beautiful, restored aircraft interior. The website is a responsive, custom-designed site complete with on-page... read more

Nobile Shoes of Stuart: New Website Design

Excited to announce a custom website design for local business, Nobile Shoes & Repair. Located in Stuart, Florida, Nobile Shoes specializes in custom orthotics and shoe fittings, shoe and leather repair, and athletic footwear for athletes. Owner Dan Nobile requested a complete overhaul to his existing site, incorporating a special section for diabetic... read more

Martin County Hotel & Motel Association

We are honored to present our firm at the Martin County Hotel & Motel Association meeting this evening. The MCHMA helps local hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts acquire new business through raising awareness to their businesses and locations. Our presentation tonight will cover how marketing agencies can help grow their... read more

Different Ways to Create Quality Content for Your Website

Great content on your website will make you an authority not only in your potential client’s eyes, but to search engines as well. In this blog post, we’ll discover why it’s important to create consistent, yet diverse, content for your readers. The process is simple: Create enticing content, push this... read more

SSL Certificates and Your Google Ranking: Why It Matters

In recent news, Google announced that going HTTPS (adding a SSL 2048-bit key certificate on your site) will now be considered as a minor ranking signal. This means that websites with strong security certificates issued may take precedence over non-secure websites. Creating quality content is still the highest ranking signal... read more

Google Search Will Give Boost to Mobile-Friendly Websites

According to Google, more than half of their searches come from mobile devices. And now, websites that are coded for mobile devices will receive preference in search rankings. If you’ve signed up for Google Webmaster tools and have a non-responsive website, you likely received an email from Google reminding... read more

Why a Website Redesign is Important

We’re heading into the 4th month of 2015, and is your business thriving this year? An annual review of your sales collateral and online marketing is important to keep your company looking fresh and relevant in today’s market. Your website is the BEST and most cost effective way to... read more

Importance of Great Package Design

The Importance of Great Packaging Design As a customer walks through a store, they have many products and different manufacturers to choose from. If you’re a manufacturer who is selling a retail product in this environment, it has to be clearly labeled, branded correctly, and the design must stand... read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of our TOVO team, we wish you a happy and healthy Holiday season! We give our sincere thanks to all of our clients and wonderful team!... read more

Web Design Trends for 2015

As 2014 draws to an end, the web design industry is already starting to see trends that are on the horizon for the upcoming year. Some of these emerging practices may even change the way websites are created. Every year there are a few user design trends that take... read more