Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of our TOVO team, we wish you a happy and healthy Holiday season! We give our sincere thanks to all of our clients and wonderful team!... read more

Web Design Trends for 2015

As 2014 draws to an end, the web design industry is already starting to see trends that are on the horizon for the upcoming year. Some of these emerging practices may even change the way websites are created. Every year there are a few user design trends that take... read more

Increase Your Online Brand Recognition

Have you searched for company recently online? If so, were you surprised at what you found (or didn’t find!)? Did you see consistent results across all directories, social websites and reviewing platforms? Online brand recognition is how others view your company, your services and products, and even your team.... read more

How Does Maintaining My Website Help Sales?

The statistics are really strong. 73% of mobile users say sites are too slow to load. 51% receive error messages or the site crashes/freezes. 48% found it difficult to read and understand the site due to formatting. If you don’t currently have a fast-loading, mobile-optimized website, you’re losing potential customers.*... read more

Identity Crisis

Many Companies are Going Through an Identity Crisis. Some companies have shifted their focus from say, 5 years ago, to add or omit services they once offered. Unfortunately their identity didn’t evolve with them. Or on the flip side- they have changed their identity but their business model stayed... read more

Professional Branding Services

How many of us takes great care regarding our professional image? What does your business card look like? Is it plain or have some graphic design interest? Is your website interesting? Do you have a brochure? These items are what your prospective clients see first. Business cards, brochures, and... read more

Is It Time to Hire an Agency?

We know you’re busy. Really busy. Maybe you’re getting frustrated seeing your competitor’s ads online or in print. Maybe your company’s continuous growth is putting stress on your marketing department. Or, you’re working with antiquated tools (website) and really need to start selling and promoting your products and services... read more

Responsive Website Design in Stuart & Palm Beach

“Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.” – Jeffrey Veen At TOVO, we bring the future of website design to our clients, today. We offer the essential coding technique, responsive website design, to all of our web design projects.... read more

Online Reputation Management: Everyone’s a Critic

10 years ago when a guest dined at a restaurant and had poor service or bad food, they had one option: talk to management. Sometimes the restaurant gladly took care of the issue. Other times, not. Actually, companies could get away with mediocre service and cold food and just... read more

On-Page SEO: Best Practices

A perfectly optimized page has good, sharable content that’s linkable, an H1 headline that is keyword optimized, relevant title tags, smart URL structure, and alternate text for images. Starting with a good foundation allows your website to get found and get searched faster, increasing your changes for higher rankings.... read more