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Great content on your website will make you an authority not only in your potential client’s eyes, but to search engines as well. In this blog post, we’ll discover why it’s important to create consistent, yet diverse, content for your readers.

The process is simple: Create enticing content, push this content on your social media outlets, viewers read and ideally share your content to bring new leads to your website. Generally, the more visitors on your site, the higher the chance of conversion, whether it’s information exchange or shopping cart.

Once your content is created, it’s imperative to share it via your social media outlets. This will make the connection in your potential client’s minds between the information you are presenting and the actual products or services that you offer. If you’re having a difficult time creating a variety of content, consider the following:

Blog Posts
The most common type of content published, blog posts are a tried and true method of adding information rich content to your website that is easy to read and easy to share. This should be your staple of publishing. Keep the posts short, catchy, and informative for your readers, and include a photo to further enhance the interest of your post.

Strong testimonials are imperative to gain visitors’ trust in your company. Keep them precise (only a few sentences), use the client’s name, be very specific in the type of service or product provided, and focus on the outcome of the service or product they used. The testimonials should be highly visible on the home page to guide users to read your “mini” case studies.

Email Newsletters
Well-organized and informative newsletters can help you drive some of the most relevant new traffic to your website. Ideally, an eNewsletter signup form is needed on your website since it will capture leads that are  interested in your product or service, just not ready to convert yet. Longer, higher quality text articles are needed for eNewsletter for service-based companies, while image-heavy, HTML-coded eNewsletters are recommended for product-based companies. Images should link directly to the product you’re promoting, to keep the amount of visitor clicks to a minimum to reduce user frustration.

Media (Images & Videos)
Keeping your website’s portfolio up-to-date is imperative to show website visitors that the company is thriving. Often, websites that have a portfolio or case study page will find that it is the most-viewed page beyond their home page. Professional product images and clever case studies will keep the user engaged while learning more about your products and services.

Consistency and variety are key ways to keep your company’s image thriving. If you write to your readers and create a diverse and consistent brand, it solidifies you as the authority in your industry, therefore creating trust in your potential clients, even before they decide to use your product or service.

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