Google Algorithm Updates 2019

Google Algorithm Updates 2019

Google has recently pushed 2 algorithm updates, one in March 2019 and one in June 2019. Almost all websites have been affected. If you’re watching your Analytics closely, you’ll likely notice a drop in traffic.

The March 2019 update was considered a “core” ranking update, the 3rd one since they’ve announced that label. As stated on their Twitter feed, “There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

So, again we’re seeing that great content is really the key to good search engine rankings. If you’ve got a blog, be consistent with your content, and write for your audience. Internally link pages throughout, and use your keyword no more than 10% of the copy. If you add images to your content, add the keyword/phrase to the alt tag, too.

The June 6th update reduced the amount of pages shown to the searcher by the same website (subdomains are now considered a part of a root domain), therefore giving other domains the opportunity to rank for that keyword/phrase. As you can understand, many companies are seeing a decrease in traffic up to 60% and are not happy with the update. Other companies that couldn’t break the page 1 threshold due to multiple results by one domain, should see an increase in page rank and traffic.

“Site diversity will generally treat subdomains as part of a root domain. IE: listings from subdomains and the root domain will all be considered from the same single site”. @searchliaison


-Subdomains are now considered part of a root domain when showing results
-More opportunity for different domains to be ranked better now
-Keep writing quality content for your market
Incorporate good on-page SEO practices
-Backlink from high quality domains where possible

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