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Have you searched for company recently online? If so, were you surprised at what you found (or didn’t find!)? Did you see consistent results across all directories, social websites and reviewing platforms?

Online brand recognition is how others view your company, your services and products, and even your team.  It’s getting found by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Simply: it’s your brand, online.

Custom Aviation Web Design Stuart FL | Palm Beach FLThere are several ways to somewhat manipulate your online brand recognition. More importantly, getting your company found ahead of your competition, in the best light possible.

Blogging is a sure-fire way to increase your online brand visibility. Providing good, relevant information on your blog that is of good use to your readers shows you are the authority on the subject. They will come back to your site to read your new posts, and ideally purchase your product or contact you for a sales inquiry. Also, each additional blog post creates at least 1 new page on your website (depending on your post categories and tags). It shows search engines that your website’s content is fresh and relevant to the searcher’s inquiry.

Adwords is Google’s paid advertising. If you have a well drafted and relevant online ad, coupled with a good-sized advertising budget, your ad will show up on the first page when someone searches for your keyword or keyword phrase. Specific landing pages are necessary to track incoming traffic and your ROI, by offering a special service or product.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the science of implementing relevant keywords throughout your copy, meta tags, and image alt tags. Google reads these keywords when crawling the pages on your site to determine if your website would be a good result for the searcher. The faster your site loads and the right combination of keywords throughout your copy and meta tags will help you rank higher than your competition.

Social Media Marketing
SMM is extremely useful in building your online brand recognition. Your SMM graphics should all echo the branding of your company. The logos should all be the same color and size, and the graphics should tell a story. This assures users that they’re researching the same company and build additional exposure for your company (and additional traffic too!).

Great eNewsletter campaigns gently reminds registered subscribers of your company’s event, products or services. Offering special pricing on certain products and guiding the subscriber to a landing page will help you measure the success of the campaign. We can design eNewsletters then code them in HTML to make certain products or services clickable, leading subscribers to certain landing pages.

Websites such as,, Google+ and other review platforms are extremely important to monitor. If you received a glowing customer review, you would most likely want to thank them for supporting your business in an online forum. If a customer didn’t receive a service or product as expected, you have the opportunity to address the customer to work on a solution.

We recommend creating a profile in each of these directories and monitor them regularly.

Our team can consult you in online brand recognition and design stunning graphics for your organization. Please contact us today!

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