Google Search Will Give Boost to Mobile-Friendly Websites

According to Google, more than half of their searches come from mobile devices. And now, websites that are coded for mobile devices will receive preference in search rankings.

Mobile Friendly Website Design TOVO FLIf you’ve signed up for Google Webmaster tools and have a non-responsive website, you likely received an email from Google reminding you that your site isn’t responsive. There is a reason they did this: mobile-friendly website designs are now a ranking factor for Google.

Mobile viewing and product purchasing have been increasing annually since 2004. Google’s shift to responsive websites was one that was highly predicted in the SEO community.

Google’s new algorithm launched on April 21, 2015 and websites that are not responsive should expect to see a hit in their rankings. This is especially important if your industry is highly competitive, as your website may be pushed to the next page (or more).

A responsive (mobile-friendly) website is one that will detect when a visitor is using their cell or tablet to view your website, and re-adjust the design to accommodate for smaller screens. All of our clients’ websites are coded responsively.

If you have a non-responsive website we can review your current site along with a complimentary consultation, and provide a quote for an update. Contact us today!