Google Analytics: Simplified.

Google’s Analytical tool can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. You should view your Google Analytics on a regular basis in order to monitor website performance. Below we’ve listed a few major reports to pull, how to decipher them and how to start making changes to your website now.

Bounce Rate: This percentage shows how many people only viewed your home page and didn’t delve further into your website. If your percentage is above 55%, it’s time to revisit your website design. Is your content relevant? Is the layout confusing? We recommend hiring an outside agency (or honest friend!) to review the user accessibility, functionality and design to see where improvements can be made.

Unique Visitors: These numbers are important since it tallies up how many unique users visited your site within the past 30 days. The higher the number, the increased possibly of a conversion on your site, which in turn leads to increased sales and ROI. Social media is a great tool to bring new visitors to your site so review your campaigns to ensure their effectiveness.

Keywords: These are keywords that users entered into Google’s search tool to find your website. If you see that the majority of keywords contains your name, then a website revisit is necessary. The idea is to have people search for your product (white golf balls) or service (private chef) and find you. A well-designed website, relevant & frequent content creation and smart search engine optimization will deliver these results.

Traffic Sources:  This is a very important report as it shows where your referral traffic is coming from (Google, Bing, Yahoo, email, etc.). If you find many referrals are coming from LinkedIn, you’ll want to revisit your LinkedIn company page or your personal profile to ensure accuracy and optimize the company page with detailing your services or products. Similarly, if most users are coming from Google, review your Google+ Local page for it’s accuracy and review/update your meta information for relevancy.

Content: Are people viewing your service or product pages? The goal of any website is to entice users to stick around and browse through your pages. Those pages should engage users enough to want to contact you for more information (service-based) or purchase (product-based). If these pages are not getting enough pageviews, it’s time to review your home page and product/service pages to see what element may be lacking.

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