SEO: Organic Keywords

SEO: Organic Keywords

Organic Keywords: Search Engine Optimization isn’t Mystical.

But a high-quality, organic SEO campaign should be an integral part of your online marketing. Yes, allocating hours to researching, writing and publishing content is absolutely worth it. Redesigning your website to make it more user- and search engine-friendly is definitely worth it. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to optimize your website for search engines, consider hiring a SEO expert to increase (or keep) your website ranking.

Organic Keywords

What they are: Organic keywords are used to attract free search engine traffic through SEO.

What they’re not: Organic keywords are not a part of a paid advertising campaign.

How can a website implement organic keywords?

Ideally, every page on your site should have a dedicated, unique keyword. If you sell several services, then each service should have its own page using the keyword / keyword phrase throughout. If we were to work with a local client on his/her SEO, we would generally follow the below steps:

1) Find the keywords that a real person would type in while searching. While performing this research, you’ll use a keyword tool to find what keywords are relevant to that product/service, and how may searches are being performed each month.

2) Integrate those keywords into your text in your website. Use them in your title and H1 tags, first sentence or first paragraph on the page, and in your file names (don’t forget alt text for images). When possible, write a minimum of 300 words on each page, and link keywords to other pages within your website.

3) Update your meta information. Create titles and descriptions unique for each page and stay within the new character guidelines for desktop and mobile.

Other SEO Tips:

Content: Be sure to update content regularly. Google prefers to send searchers to websites that are relevant, both in terms of timeline and content.

SSL Certificate: Protecting your visitors’ sensitive information should be a priority. And, Google has confirmed they use this as a ranking signal, so it would be a good idea to implement now and get ahead of your competition.

Mobile-Friendly: Is your site mobile-friendly? According to Google, having a mobile-friendly site is critical to your online presence.

The Basics: Perform a general audit of your website and ask the following questions:

  • Does it load fast?
  • Are there broken links or images?
  • Are you still using antiquated Adobe Flash?
  • Do your forms work?
  • Do you have analytics installed?
  • Do you have spammy backlinks or Blackhat SEO tactics that need to be addressed?
  • Are you using any internal links to link between pages? Do you have too many internal links?

While this is a general overview of organic keywords and Search Engine Optimization, it’s a good start and absolutely necessary to build or maintain a visible online presence. Feel free to contact us today to receive a complimentary SEO audit. We look forward to hearing from you!


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