Why a Website Redesign is Important

We’re heading into the 4th month of 2015, and is your business thriving this year?

Website Redesign Stuart FL, Palm Beach FLAn annual review of your sales collateral and online marketing is important to keep your company looking fresh and relevant in today’s market. Your website is the BEST and most cost effective way to show your clients new products, services and company news.



Focusing on your website presence, consider the following statistics*:

Websites with blogs drive 55% more traffic.
When searching, only 23% of users click on a PPC link.
85% of businesses indicated that their social media efforts have generated:
-Increased exposure for their business
-Additional traffic to their sites
-New partnerships, new business


Websites have outdated content because sometimes it’s really hard to find the time to keep it updated. But even going past the outdated content, what about the design?

Is your website losing visitors because of the outdated design or confusing navigation?
Is your site mobile-friendly (responsive)?
Is your current site compatible with modern browsers?
Do you have links to your social media company pages?
Is there too much movement (movies, popup videos, etc) that will slow down your page speed?
Is the website built for on-page SEO? Remember, websites with SEO implementation rank higher than their competitors.

We’ve found that our clients have seen a vast improvement in website visitors and conversions after a redesign and SEO implementation. We’ve also incorporated the latest 2015 website design trends. Here are a few:

Marvin & Whitehurst Appraisal Group
Masterpiece Builders
Foundation for Appraisal Education

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. We’ll review your existing website, research your local and national competition, and create a thorough proposal with a detailed scope of work for your review. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Team at TOVO 

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